Metal Hammer Magazine on Neverland

“Stirring up a bizarre brew of stoner, grunge and prog that by rights should have concerned citizens calling the Rock Police, as a paper exercise, it’d never work. In reality, however, it just does”.
“Rarely do cathedral-sized choruses and blighted ballads come together against an instrumental backdrop of such quixotic strangeness. Once the title track has dragged itself off the floor and wandered off into its own little wonderland, there is no looking back.”

-Gregg Moffitt June, 2012 on Neverland

“It’s five guys who don’t push their music into you violently. They let it flow with ease, giving you the feeling that they really enjoy what they’re doing. ‘Neverland’ is an interesting version of melodic rock with psychedelia and space metal. It’s a bit hard to define the sound… It’s a very unique combination of fuzzy guitars, weird noises,
keyboards and hard drums. All this is generously mixed into an hour-long album that sounds truly amazing. You don’t even have to be a big fan of Foo Fighters, Rush, or Yes to appreciate this!”
“An amazing sea of seriously good hard rock.”
“Yes, there are synths on ‘Neverland’; and so are the poppy hooks. But they are served with elegance, measured precisely and carefully. Mangoo gives a taste of remarkable melodic hard rock. It’s nothing you’ve heard before. Don’t miss it!”

-Nage Drake September 25th, 2012

Rock-A-Rolla on Neverland

Despite their unfortunate choice of name, Finnish progressive stoner posse Mangoo do a commendable job of providing something for everyone, from psychedelic ballad-metal (Hooks) to prog-grunge (Deatmint) and everything beyond. And despite its everyman nature, Neverland takes a lo-fi approach that puts the stress on thick, treacly basslines and vocalist Pickles’ versatile yet unpolished efforts rather than opting for the slickness the song suggests, and while it certainly wears its influences, of which there are too many to count, on its sativa-scented sleeve, if you don’t mind the occasional nostalgic head-trip then you’ll find it an immeasurably enjoayble ride.

-David Bowes October 19th, 2012 on Neverland

“Mangoo come from Finland, and they play an amazing mix of heavy-stoner-spacepsychedelic rock filled with passion, imagination, paranoia and true love.”
“They filtered those elements so good, while they added several blues and jazz touches on a production that is perfectly imperfect.
“it’s your holy duty to check out Mangoo!”

-Yiannis Dolas, 2012 On Neverland

“The fuzzy-fun that they create with their (at times) Zeppelin-duelling-with-AC/DC and Chris Cornell sound. Not quite as over-blown and self -indulgent as Zeppelin but with a pinch more depth than AC/DC, these Fins really know how to rock.”
“’Neverland’ really bridges the gaps between psychedelic rock, grunge, and stoner rock perfectly, not too much of any, but enough of all to keep fans of any of those genres more than interested. If any of those sounds up your alley, I don’t think Mangoo will disappoint you at all.”

-Adrian Huggins July 17th, 2012 on Neverland

“A pretty good approach to take with this entire album, put it on, crank up the volume beyond what most people would consider reasonable, and just sit back and enjoy thefuzz.”
“If you like hard rock with lots of fuzz, this is definitely one to add to your collection.”

-Gary Schwind June 11th, 2012 on Neverland

“The album’s sound is unique, and that’s probably putting it lightly. There may be other bands like them, but I haven’t come across them yet.”
“The power of the entire album has a unique draw on you as I’ve noticed with it growing with me more and more as I continue to listen to the album.”
“This is a great heavy rock album that’s bound to please a wide variety of fans.”

-Jake Ball June 16th, 2012 on Neverland

“After listening to ‘Neverland’ during the last weeks, I have concluded that I need to check out their debut album ‘Neolithic’, because I find it pretty enjoyable what Finland’s MANGOO has to offer here. Released by Small Stone Records in 2012, ‘Neverland’ is a refreshing take on riff-driven heavy rock which is saturated with fuzz. This is due firstly to the fact that MANGOO doesn’t follow well-trodden paths. Here you will find some progressive leanings as well as keyboards that are perfectly interwoven with huge riffs, adding a nice psychedelic effect to MANGOO’s pop-infected heaviness and atmospheric depth.”

-Klaus Kleinowski May 15th, 2012 on Neverland

“Far from being the sprawling epic the subdued intro may suggest this is actually something of a pop rock tour-de-force sounding not unlike the Foo Fighters jamming with QOTSA…on mushrooms.”
“These guys are truly capable of creating something incredible.”
-Ollie Stygall March 29th, 2012 on Neverland

“At unequal intervals Mangoo become part Yes, a little bit Monster Magnet and on occasion classic Uriah Heep”
“’Neverland’ is a heavy, and sometimes engrossing, neatly manicured hedgerow maze of distorted six string histrionics that grow thick with layers of, occasionally off the wall, keyboard work; and it all makes for an enjoyable enough meander, though inevitably you’ll be left a little lost, and occasionally bewildered; I guess that could be the point? It’s kind of like rock ‘n’ roll topiary, if you know what I mean?”

-Jamie Richards March 29th, 2012 on Neverland

Forged in that climate of abounding stoner and sludge of superb quality comes Mangoo, a band hailing out of Turku, Finland, that is rising and could soon take a place near the top of the metal heap. Mangoo is staking their claim to be among the best of the bands from that hoary corner of the globe with their second full-length album, “Neverland”
Mangoo, who rises to the absolute top of the heap of great and wonderful stoner rock bands. And with Mangoo’s first Small Stone release, “Neverland”, is delivered an album worthy of purchase, worthy of inclusion in any consideration for upcoming awards, and with any luck, or if it just happens to catch the right ear, maybe worthy of widespread
notoriety and all the trappings that come with it.
“All tracks on this album, is rendered with ability, class, enthusiasm, and quality.”

Nuclear_Dog March 15th, 2012 on Neverland

“Finnish 5-piece, Mangoo, return this year with their 2nd album Neverland. The band have a reputation for being near enough indescribable. In the past they’ve gone under the labels of psychedelia, space rock and stoner rock. Regardless of whatever they may be, they’ve certainly brought something truly special to the scene with their newest record.”
“Mangoo are back strong with this new album. We highly recommend that you give them a look and pick up Neverland when it’s released!”

Sean Rafferty March 13th, 2012 on Neverland

“Neverland is a blacktop spaceship running on intergalactic gasoline, driven by Finnish men in silver jumpsuits who know how to have a good time.”
“Mangoo are the past and future all at once”
“You need to remove your foil hat and step right into its tractor beam of ray gun fuzz and analog synth to experience what really lay beyond the flashing lights, and that’s some seriously heavy hooks and rowdy raunch n’ roll.”

Jeff, March 11th, 2012 on Neolithic

“I am speechless; Finland has succeeded in creating yet another rock machinery of very high qualities. A prehistoric time machine that touches every nerve in your body and who flirts with everything from the late 60’s to modern space rock. Fasten your seat belts and join Mangoo on their journey through time and space!”
“Mangoo are dealing with the best in fuzz rock or whatever you wanna call it and can be compared with dignities such as Monster magnet, The Hellacopters, Farflung, 500ft of pipe and some of the acid rock bands from the late 60’s and early 70’s. ‘Neolithic’ is one of the best album releases this year for sure and will suit any mangooloid out there who’s only in it for the mango(o). Get it or regret it!”

Tobias Beament, 2012

Classic Rock Magazine on Neolithic

“Mango (which sounds for all the world like someone or something from a Cheech And Chong movie) fast prove themselves envoys of monster-groove cool”
“this debut will warrant a few return journeys”

Yates September 2009

Top 100 Most Played Albums From 2012, Mangoo to be found at # 53
“Heavy fuzz with just the right tone, a concentration on a complete album rather than a collection of songs and a tasteful and often striking use of synth. Once you dig it, you dig it hard.”

Mangoo’s ‘Neverland’ joins Abrahma in bringing back the album-as-epic-journey, in the process raising Small Stone’s profile in the new wave of classic rock to the same stature it has long enjoyed in stoner and fuzz. At No.9

#17 Mangoo – “Neverland”
The second album from Small Stone Records to make my list is Mangoo’s (pronounced man – go, like the fruit, which was a relief to learn) “Neverland”. Full of incredibly interesting songs that will slake both your stoner and your psychedelic cravings, this collection of brilliantly written songs are clever and well crafted. Guitars go low, carrying the listener inexorably forward in a deliberate pace that opens up vast opportunities for their laser beam solos. Vocals are crisp and adept, beautifully suited for these psych trips of musical fantasy. Melodies are intelligent and memorable. Mangoo’s sound is uniquely their own while easily fitting into the underground retro sounds of the majority of Small Stone’s artists.

The album made it to No. 43 and Mattarns guitar solo made it all the way to No.4 in the category The Most Bitchin’ Guitar Solos of 2012

4.“Datzun” | Mangoo
Finishing off a bonkers album can only be achieved with a bonkers song and an epic solo.
Nodding towards the band at number 2.